• A1 Auditions 09/18/2017  8:41pm

    Does anyone know if we need to bring headshots and resumes? Cause like we've already registered, but I'm not sure 🤔


    I would bring it, just in case.

    A girl has no name 09/18/2017  9:03pm

    I emailed last week. They said I bc they have it electronically. But I'm still going to bring a couple just in case.

    LostintheBrass 09/18/2017  9:25pm

    ^^^ they said no. Not sure what happened up there. Haha! Break legs!

    LostintheBrass 09/18/2017  9:25pm

    Cool cool. Does anyone know how many people pre-screen and then how many make it through usually?

    streetlightchillinintheheat 09/18/2017  9:54pm

    I thought A1 auditions were in January?

    pmusic 09/18/2017  10:54pm

    It's gonna be hard to pinpoint how many spots there are becuase they added dates this year categorized based on union/ non union/ student

    BariToxic 09/19/2017  8:28am