• Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Female ECC Call 09/18/2017  9:57pm

    Hi. Whoever gets there really early in the morning, can you please update us about the count on non-equity list and if they're seeing non-equity? Thank you so much!


    Non eq female singer list currently has 5 names

    actress9315 09/19/2017  5:52am


    Biminibabe93 09/19/2017  6:44am

    About 50 as of 8:05

    Suiteofjacks 09/19/2017  7:53am

    38 on the female non-eq at 8:30

    mgillott 09/19/2017  8:23am


    dancrdva 09/19/2017  9:13am

    Bump! Any updates on them seeing non-eq?

    Puck.Rose 09/19/2017  9:28am

    It's pretty empty here. Only 60 or so cards given out.

    ImMrsIglesias 09/19/2017  9:39am

    No word from ITR but the monitor said there's 106 TOTAL, including future members. So he anticipates they'll see non-eq

    ImMrsIglesias 09/19/2017  9:46am

    Can someone update this when they start seeing non eq?

    Vikingprincess 09/19/2017  9:54am

    Did they close the list? Thank you!

    EeeZee 09/19/2017  10:24am

    My apologies for the intrusion but is it possible to know if the unofficial non eq/emc list for the men's call this afternoon has started?

    What Is Insurance? 09/19/2017  10:25am

    Does anyone know who was in the room this morning? Thanks!

    look2therainbow 09/19/2017  10:30am

    Did they close the Equity list?

    EeeZee 09/19/2017  11:11am

    Who's ITR?

    Kitty 09/19/2017  11:40am

    Does anyone have any updates on if they are seeing non-eq? And how far along they are in the process?

    GingaNinga 09/19/2017  11:47am

    Just called the first ten non-Equity. Seeing Equity as they come.

    AndThisOfAllMyHopes 09/19/2017  11:49am

    Who's ITR?

    Kitty 09/19/2017  11:54am

    lunch is 1-2?

    Igottaquitmydayjob 09/19/2017  12:11pm

    Anyone know if I could still sign up on the non-eq list after lunch? Thanks
    Also how many non-eq have gone?

    pmusic 09/19/2017  12:38pm

    Anyone know who was ITR?

    EeeZee 09/19/2017  3:21pm