• Sistahs 09/19/2017  4:12am

    Hey so this maybe a crazy question but if an audition is between 9:30-5:30pm does that mean you can come anytime during that time or show up by 9:30 and wait it out? I don't know if that makes since but I was planning on showing up a little later than 9:30 but not sure if that's wise?


    Sorry the address is actors equity center

    Naturallybway 09/19/2017  4:13am

    It's an open call so you can come and go as you please.

    PleaseSirIWantSomeMore 09/19/2017  7:12am

    Are you equity? If you're equity, go whenever! If you're Emc or non union, go early to sign up and then check back in later to see when they are going to get to Non union peeps! Good luck!!

    Blacksheep2 09/19/2017  7:30am

    Here's a great link to how EPAs work:

    littleeagle 09/19/2017  9:05am

    how long is the non-equity list? Will non-eq be seen today?

    DG2017 09/19/2017  1:17pm

    It was pretty empty just after lunch. I bet EMC will get seen quickly.

    muppetino 09/19/2017  2:53pm