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  • TheatreWorks 09/20/2017  10:55am

    Does anyone know if Theatreworks accepts an unofficial list for their open calls? Wondering if people wait in line starting early or if it's more of a come at sign in time?



    Alexandra_cameltoe8 09/20/2017  11:20am

    ? ^

    09/20/2017  11:51am

    In the past they havent accepted a list and it was a wait in line type sitch.

    musicalwarrior 09/20/2017  2:29pm

    How early do people get there for something like that

    09/20/2017  3:13pm


    09/20/2017  5:34pm

    They have accepted in the past. Really just depends on who the moderator is. It's also not a particularly early sign up.

    jacqui 09/20/2017  9:17pm

    bump--so you're saying people don't get there until 9am when sign in starts?

    09/23/2017  2:17pm