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  • Around 15.

    eroseb 09/22/2017  8:25am

    Bumpitty bump

    unsinkable 09/22/2017  11:13am


    nctony2017 09/22/2017  2:52pm

    Any news on non-eq? Seems unlikely but trying to hold out some hope!

    QuietRevolution 09/22/2017  3:11pm

    I believe they are not seeing non eq as a sign at the aea center says non eq singer's will not be seen yes to drop offs. I'm a guy and they didn't see non eq men either

    mjzcAU 09/22/2017  3:23pm

    Thank you so much mjzcAU for updating us!

    QuietRevolution 09/22/2017  3:25pm

    They absolutely are taking drop offs I just have mine to the receptionist(?)

    ale0504 09/22/2017  3:41pm