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  • Agents? 09/22/2017  12:52pm

    Anyone have tips on getting an agent? I've submitted my stuff to a bunch of agencies and haven't heard back from anyone. Help :(


    I wish I had an answer! Honestly whenever I submit my materials all I get is a commercial agent who wants to freelance with me and ends up getting me no bookings or auditions. I even email them from time to time to update them on my recent bookings and success that I have garnered on my own. even when I have a referral they legit agents don't respond.

    you can try the seminars at actors connection. it is annoying to spend money to meet someone, but it is an option. It didn't work for me a couple years back but I am thinking of trying again now that I have more experience and legit credits.

    being a girl in your 20s makes it really hard because there are so many of us. not sure what your age range and gender is but that is what I am struggling with now

    i_am_a_seagull 09/25/2017  12:35pm

    I'm not saying that this is the only way but with the 3 agents I have had over the past 12 years, they were all acquired through a mutual friend/client. I wish you all the best... ;)

    beltress101 09/25/2017  2:01pm

    you're more likely to get a response if you are currently doing something they can come see your work in.

    Keeter5 09/25/2017  9:59pm

    ^to my understanding, with pay-to-play workshops being so popular, this is pretty much a thing of the past. And even before it was pretty hard to get an agent you don't know to come out and see you in something that wasn't a huge well-known production.

    Also, generally questions are asked in the bitching post. If you use the search bar you'll find loads of advice on agents from previous posts!

    itwillbeme1day 09/25/2017  11:20pm

    go for managers. they're much more likely to rep newer talent, especially non union, and they can get you an audition, of which if you book, you will need an agent and someone will sign you based on you booking something. how i got my agent.

    baby step at a time 09/26/2017  1:23am