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  • Yes, it was at 3 people as of 6:20

    SomethingsComing 09/23/2017  6:41am

    This sounds really dumb but I’m new to this so, how do we get on this list?

    ale0504 09/23/2017  6:45am

    There are 2 lists outside the building. There shouldn't be a second list for EMC because we are all considered non eq at an EPA.

    Vikingprincess 09/23/2017  7:33am

    False ^ emc line up with equity

    greenbean 09/23/2017  7:35am

    EMC lines up with Equity, and gets seen before non-eq. Speaking of, about how many equity/EMC in line?

    IHateMornings 09/23/2017  7:44am

    Any updates on the non equity list?

    Sleepless in Seattle 09/23/2017  8:11am

    28 on the non eq list as of 8:30

    Sarah18 09/23/2017  8:26am

    I was here before seven before the second list starting. An emc girl changed the title of the list from non eq to EMC. So people made a second list because of the confusion. put those second list people I transferred them over to the original list. Didn't want the monitor to throw both out.

    EMC's please remember that at EPAS emcs always have to wait in a line--never a list. and emcs are considered non equity at ECCS. :)

    taykay91 09/23/2017  8:34am

    Where outside the building is this list? I feel so dumb but I’ve been walking in circles trying to find it

    ale0504 09/23/2017  9:27am

    Bump- was the list moved upstairs/transferred?? How busy is it looking?

    courtbutt 09/23/2017  9:34am


    BwayBroad 09/23/2017  9:45am

    Have they said whether or not they're seeing non union today?

    unsinkable 09/23/2017  9:49am

    Bump! Can someone please update one where the call is at? How many eq/emc/non eq and the status! Please and thank you!

    Sarah18 09/23/2017  10:27am

    Called up to 6 on EMC, no non eq

    AngelikaNYC 09/23/2017  10:39am

    How many EMC total today?

    courtbutt 09/23/2017  11:00am

    How many emcs are there and how many are called? Please and thank you

    SomethingsComing 09/23/2017  11:12am

    Is non eq being seen at all today?

    1ofthesedays 09/23/2017  11:37am

    Any appointments left?

    WillWorkForReeses 09/23/2017  11:42am

    On 31 of 37 emc

    Sarah18 09/23/2017  11:59am

    How many noneq signed up?

    SomethingsComing 09/23/2017  12:15pm

    Anyone know if they've started calling non-eq yet?

    bway145 09/23/2017  12:38pm

    Called thru 2 on noneq. Lunch is 1:30-2:30 so we'll see if they squeeze in more before then!

    courtbutt 09/23/2017  12:50pm

    50 on non eq list

    heydudes 09/23/2017  12:52pm

    Noneq released til after lunch, trying to squeeze in a few more alternates before the break (1:30-2:30). First avail appt is 2:50 (I believe).

    courtbutt 09/23/2017  1:00pm

    How many non-eq are signed up? And when is the list closing?

    imanactorhireme 09/23/2017  2:29pm

    Can someone post who is ITR? Completely forgot to get names before rushing out.
    If it's any help, they got thru 18 non eq in the 2:30 group. Not sure how far along they are now, but they were chugging along.

    courtbutt 09/23/2017  3:38pm

    How many non eqs have been seen? And how long is the list?

    imanactorhireme 09/23/2017  4:18pm

    Non-equity here, squeezed in and got to the 4pm singing call, anyone here anything?

    whattheheck 09/24/2017  9:16am