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  • Brigadoon- The Wick 09/23/2017  10:21pm

    How was the Singin' in the Rain open dance call run this week? Trying to plan what time to get to Brigadoon tomorrow. Thanks!


    Is this tomorrow or was it last week?? The playbill ad says the 17th at the top then says the 24th in the info.

    ihopeigetit 09/23/2017  11:42pm

    The open dance call was rescheduled for today (24th) at 2pm. Unofficial list is outside Ripley 520.

    Cspice 09/24/2017  7:33am

    How many on the list?

    LBass21 09/24/2017  8:15am

    List at 12, still posted outside ripely

    Bumble 09/24/2017  8:42am

    Anyone know where this list is now?

    llamalover 09/24/2017  10:58am

    It's posted by the door of 16E in Ripley 520.

    GingaNinga 09/24/2017  11:27am

    List is upstairs! 16th floor!

    Letsunshine37 09/24/2017  11:28am

    What number is the list up to?

    gottadance 09/24/2017  11:42am

    It's posted by the door of 16E in Ripley 520.

    GingaNinga 09/24/2017  11:59am

    Update on numbers?

    Mananayaw 09/24/2017  12:29pm

    Are they still seeing people?? Just getting off work.

    FutureCD 09/24/2017  2:53pm