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  • The Watershow 09/24/2017  8:27pm

    Hey Hivemind/ Fellow Broadway Babies- what time is everyone planning on getting to this call tomorrow? I have heard it's been crazy in the past #godihopeigetit


    I'm planning on getting there at 5 am. Last year was an ABSOLUTE shit show. They didn't take the unofficial list and some chick passed out.

    kelplover8 09/24/2017  8:35pm

    Do we have to dance first??? Should I bring my 'water' shoes? Hahahahahahahaha jkjk just bringing my taps. Cheers!

    Phantamilton 09/24/2017  8:37pm

    First of all, let's not jump to assumptions that she passed out because of the list. It was very hot that day and the line was like 400 long, and I think she was hypoglycemic. She went to Montclair and my friend told me that. Irregardless, I would reccomend getting there early. Here's hoping the list doesn't start the night before like last time. Break legs ladies.

    NessaRosesTurn 09/24/2017  8:46pm

    FYI, tomorrow's call is for boys and girls. Please don't misgender people in this comment section. Are they typing?

    ItsMeNiklaus 09/24/2017  9:47pm

    In no way, shape, or form, did I mean to misgender. Humans are beautiful no matter how they identify, and I strongly believe that. Break legs ALL tomorrow. Currently enroute from Virginia on the bolt bus and realized I forgot my curling iron, anyone have one I can use tomorrow. Would hate to spend the 40 bucks on a new one at Duanes Reed.

    NessaRosesTurn 09/24/2017  9:52pm

    Nope, no curling iron here. Good luck.

    Phantamilton 09/24/2017  9:56pm

    Is there EMC possibility

    justadreamer7 09/24/2017  10:05pm

    They always type. Def a possibility for EMC. I have worked there, really fun and great pay. They have trained gators, truly a misunderstood animal.

    MontclairHuskies 09/24/2017  10:11pm

    Are they asking people to bring their own water source for the dance call? My dad is willing to pay for an above ground pool to be set up in one of the rooms.

    BubblyBrownBoyShedsHisChameleonSkin 09/24/2017  10:12pm

    Thanks, y'all. 🙏

    NoneqJen 09/24/2017  10:16pm

    If you want to get a sense of what to expect just YouTube "The Aligator Conga". So friggin awesome. You might see a familiar face in the red body suit repping the Montclair Huskies. #montclairpride

    MontclairHuskies 09/24/2017  10:22pm

    Do they give preference to people with webbed feet?

    BubblyBrownBoyShedsHisChameleonSkin 09/24/2017  11:48pm

    Do we have to dance first??? Should I bring my 'water' shoes? Hahahahahahahaha jkjk just bringing my taps. Cheers!

    Phantamilton 09/24/2017  11:50pm

    My understanding is that we will be dancing as if we were in a pool of water, correct? Sorry for the double post, just really worried!!

    Phantamilton 09/24/2017  11:53pm

    Yes, all water simulation based. no actual water, so Idk what some people on this thread are talking about... it's called "acting" for a reason...

    kelplover8 09/25/2017  12:50am

    Seems like some people on this thread are being a little silly. Jokes on you, you won't be gainfully employed.

    NoneqJen 09/25/2017  12:54am

    i'm at ripley and do not see this call... is it at the other building? help! what is the list looking like?

    galliegirl 09/25/2017  8:46am

    Maybe I'm out of the loop... but what is this show? Anyone have a link to the audition?

    strongmover2275 09/25/2017  12:01pm