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  • Finding Neverland ECC female singers 10/11/2017  7:51am

    Starting thread for this. Non eq List was around 40 at 7:30. Please update if Non eq starts to be seen ! Thank youuu


    Girls list is up to 53 and someone just started transferring it

    dancrdva 10/11/2017  8:38am

    Any idea about the men’s list?

    camose 10/11/2017  8:55am

    Any news?

    DoinTheThing 10/11/2017  9:50am

    Noneq already on the list will be seen. The list is now closed.

    hchandler 10/11/2017  9:53am

    wonderful! how many equity are signed up?

    amblingshambler 10/11/2017  9:58am

    Anyone know when non eq will be seen?

    dancergirl256 10/11/2017  10:04am

    Non-eq is being seen, if you're already on the list, but the list is closed

    ab2336 10/11/2017  10:17am

    Is the men’s list closed as well?

    camose 10/11/2017  10:20am

    Men's list is at 16 as of 10:30, not closed yet. Women's filled up the page at 60 then closed by the looks of it.

    Tim204 10/11/2017  10:24am

    *Non-eq list is closed

    ab2336 10/11/2017  10:26am

    I think men are still good, i'm sorry, non-equity women's list is closed!

    ab2336 10/11/2017  10:27am

    Please post when they start seeing non eq females!

    Invincible 10/11/2017  10:43am

    Have they started calling non-eq?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 10/11/2017  11:08am

    Yes! Lined up through 19 I believe. Calling more now

    ev9194 10/11/2017  11:12am

    Damn probably missed my name then. Are they chill with people who were on the list going at the end? It usually depends on the monitor. Or is it a skip your name, sorry dude?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 10/11/2017  11:20am

    This monitor said he would call names at the end.

    newyorkchic 10/11/2017  11:22am

    He said he'd call names again at the very end if you missed being called

    hchandler 10/11/2017  11:23am

    Who is in the room?

    BIP 10/11/2017  11:27am