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  • Against The Hillside 10/13/2017  9:35am

    Good morning - What's it looking like at EST for AGAINST THE HILLSIDE today? Keep me posted what the non-eq list is looking like!




    inspiredactor 10/13/2017  10:17am

    Just arrived. Non-eq list at 18. Doesn’t look like they’ve seen anyone on it yet, but I could be wrong about that. Pretty full waiting room.

    JoelAustin 10/13/2017  10:53am

    As of 11am there's about 15 noneq, about 15 EMC. No noneq seen just yet but looks like they'll see them time permitting!

    human1491 10/13/2017  10:55am

    No EMCs seen yet

    inspiredactor 10/13/2017  10:55am

    Any emc seen yet?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 10/13/2017  11:16am

    Don't think they've seen non eq as of 12:05pm?

    karatemaster111 10/13/2017  11:52am

    Any EMCs seen yet?

    zarina 10/13/2017  12:09pm

    Who is in the room?

    latinrivera 10/13/2017  12:20pm

    Have they closed the non-eq list?

    Laurorlando 10/13/2017  1:28pm

    Any updates on now many EMC's were seen before lunch?

    human1491 10/13/2017  1:28pm

    Have they seen any non-Eq?

    Samantina 10/13/2017  2:06pm

    Bump for info on whether any EMCs have been called and if so how many? Thanks

    inspiredactor 10/13/2017  2:10pm

    At 2:30 no non-eqs had been called and the list was in the 30s. The holding room was completely full, so that's all the info I got.

    bwaylvsong 10/13/2017  2:43pm

    Have seen all but 2 EMCs, alternate list keeps growing after lunch, no non-Eqs seen.

    zarina 10/13/2017  3:02pm

    Have seen all but 2 EMCs, alternate list keeps growing after lunch, no non-Eqs seen.

    zarina 10/13/2017  3:35pm

    Hi. Are they on the non-Eq list yet? If so, how many called? Thanks

    inspiredactor 10/13/2017  3:52pm

    As of 4:15 no Non-Eq seen all day. Breezing through alternates though. Enough no-shows to keep it moving.

    JoelAustin 10/13/2017  4:03pm

    Bump on the non-eq situation.

    ambrosepike 10/13/2017  4:04pm

    Much appreciated, JoelAustin!

    inspiredactor 10/13/2017  4:11pm

    Still no non-eqs called at 5:08.

    bwaylvsong 10/13/2017  4:57pm

    One name left on EMC as of 5:17. Not looking great for non-eq

    ambrosepike 10/13/2017  5:06pm