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  • The Outsider epa 10/13/2017  10:16am

    Can anyone say who is in the room for this today?


    Patrick Parker & Madison Sylvester

    inspiredactor 10/13/2017  10:16am

    Can someone please check the non-eq and emc # for us please?

    havelock 10/13/2017  10:49am

    I’ve left now but they had called all EMCs when I left. Audition Room is noisy because of street traffic, so use stage voice!

    inspiredactor 10/13/2017  10:57am

    Thank you!

    needadrink 10/13/2017  11:17am

    Bump Who's In the Room?

    actor90 10/13/2017  1:12pm

    Anyone know when appointments are for this?

    cm12 10/17/2017  11:01am

    dumb. appointments out yet?

    cm12 10/18/2017  10:35pm