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  • Shear Madness and Avenue Q 10/16/2017  8:08pm

    Are many people expected to be at these tomorrow? Just trying to guesstimate what time to get there...

    You never know. Are people only singing from the show for Avenue Q?

    Smactor 10/16/2017  9:15pm

    Did I correctly read that they are NOT looking for a Kate Monster?

    There's a fine fine line between this dream and a waste of time♡

    asongandaprayer 10/16/2017  9:26pm

    The breakdown says they are seeking Princeton, Christmas Eve, Brian, and Nikky. So no Kate Monster and no Mrs. T and there are sides

    dgretchen 10/16/2017  9:30pm

    Are they expecting the full songs?

    Smactor 10/16/2017  9:31pm

    For Shear Madness, seems like they are only looking for Nick and Tony (according to breakdown). Anyone have thoughts about this?

    manders88 10/16/2017  9:49pm

    Since there is a lack of crazy white girl roles, I think it will be pretty chill and manageable!

    Aktin 10/16/2017  10:32pm