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  • Porthouse 10/18/2017  4:59am

    Has a non union list been started? (Is that even a thing at AEA #Newbieeee)


    I'm not there yet, but it is a thing! At the Equity building, they post the official list on the 4th floor first thing in the morning, so you can sign up on that :)

    Jessika 10/18/2017  5:17am

    Updates on non union list?

    ach315 10/18/2017  6:17am

    Nonunion list at 30 @6:30am

    lilsally8 10/18/2017  6:17am

    Updates on equity/emc?

    reeee 10/18/2017  6:38am

    EMC at 40, so I heard

    Tim204 10/18/2017  7:00am

    Non eq past 50.

    ‡‡‡ 10/18/2017  7:04am

    How does EMC work at the equity building now, I haven't been there for an EPA in a while. Do we line up with equity like at other places, or is there a different procedure?

    IWBOB 10/18/2017  7:07am

    EMC waits in equity line. Any info on EMC numbers?

    Darth Plagueis the Wise 10/18/2017  7:17am

    Emc lines up with equity. Are you saying they are in line right now? Seems odd they would be signed up already.

    Tgirl12 10/18/2017  7:21am

    List (Emc and equity) up to 75...

    b.b. 10/18/2017  7:30am

    Update on non eq list please? Will they accept past 60??

    IJustWantToBeSeen 10/18/2017  7:37am

    Non-equity list is at 76 at 7:50

    amarkin 10/18/2017  7:41am

    ⬆️⬆️ Thank you! I'm coming from NJ and I just don't know if it's worth it and if I'll be seen.

    IJustWantToBeSeen 10/18/2017  7:44am

    How busy does this look? Are appointments filling up quickly?

    littleeagle 10/18/2017  8:40am

    AEA Appointments full and alternate list up to 22 as of 9am.

    aprince4whatever 10/18/2017  8:59am

    Appointments are full, 30 on the alternate list, 92 on EMC list.

    positivethinkingactor 10/18/2017  9:04am

    Bump on non eq being seen/typed/etc?

    ingenue.shmingenue 10/18/2017  9:37am

    If someone could keep us updated as to what alternates have been seen, it would be much appreciated!

    Pollywannacallback 10/18/2017  9:49am

    Can someone post when they start seeing EMC?

    Vikingprincess 10/18/2017  9:49am

    Non eq released until after lunch, I doubt we'll be seen though the minutes seemed very doubtful.

    Tim204 10/18/2017  9:51am

    what number of alternate Equity are they on? / how many alternates are there total?

    shells&scales 10/18/2017  9:55am

    ^^^ Ditto! Anyone know how quickly they are getting through the Equity Alt??

    Coffeejunkie 10/18/2017  10:12am

    They are through #38 on the alt list. I think there are 50-something alts.

    sanfrancisconative 10/18/2017  10:16am

    Update on alt list? They got through 38 by 10:15? Is that right? How many on the list now?

    ab2336 10/18/2017  10:24am

    Any update??

    poseygirl 10/18/2017  10:31am


    ab2336 10/18/2017  10:42am


    starbythesea 10/18/2017  10:59am

    What does the equity/alternate list look like?

    Hip Hop Anonymous 10/18/2017  11:04am

    49/95 on the alt list

    TheOptimistPrime 10/18/2017  11:04am

    Thank you!!

    ab2336 10/18/2017  11:09am

    They are on 53/92 for alternates

    DMXtreme300 10/18/2017  11:29am

    Any idea when/if emcs will be seen?

    Suiteofjacks 10/18/2017  11:50am

    What are they asking for- 16 or 32 measures?

    Coffeejunkie 10/18/2017  11:54am

    Alternate bump

    curlsnkicks 10/18/2017  12:19pm

    EMC released until after lunch

    reeee 10/18/2017  12:20pm

    They are not seeing non-equity. They are accepting drop offs.

    #unbookedandblessed 10/18/2017  12:23pm

    Can someone post who is in the room? Thanks!

    SomethingsComing 10/18/2017  12:24pm

    Equity Alt list update?

    Coffeejunkie 10/18/2017  12:25pm

    How many alternates have been seen?

    DoinTheThing 10/18/2017  1:05pm

    Update on the alt list? Is it worth it for EMC to come back?

    ab2336 10/18/2017  1:39pm

    Bump on the alt list!

    QuietRevolution 10/18/2017  1:53pm

    72 alternates before lunch. I'm #115 and signed in at 12:30. Hope that helps!

    ShimmerLights 10/18/2017  2:06pm

    They've seen 91 out of 137 alts

    Coffeejunkie 10/18/2017  2:14pm

    Wow,they flew. Alt. list update?

    ShimmerLights 10/18/2017  2:46pm

    What number of alternates are they on now?

    shells&scales 10/18/2017  2:49pm

    Alt list update?? How many left?

    DoinTheThing 10/18/2017  2:55pm


    QuietRevolution 10/18/2017  3:06pm

    Alt list: 109/148

    ab2336 10/18/2017  3:08pm

    Up to #133 on Alt

    ShimmerLights 10/18/2017  3:51pm

    number of alternates seen now?

    shells&scales 10/18/2017  4:29pm

    Have they seen any EMC?

    Vikingprincess 10/18/2017  4:57pm

    Not seeing EMC. Bless

    DoinTheThing 10/18/2017  5:13pm