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  • Beef & Boards Open Call @ NOLA - 10/19 10/18/2017  5:30pm

    Thank you so much to everyone who came out today!

    As we mentioned at the end of the call, we will be rolling over the remainder of today’s list to tomorrow. We will start with whoever would have been next on that list.

    For tomorrow:
    AEA may walk-in and be seen at any time,
    We will not be typing,
    Callbacks will be given in the room,
    We will work through lunch,
    Please prepare 16-32 bars in the style of, or from any of the shows in our season,
    Have a second song ready,
    Hard cutoff at 3pm for dance callbacks,

    Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

    Break legs!


    AEA are given priority at an open call...?

    ShirleyDevoreAt5Riverside 10/19/2017  1:41am

    Unofficial list for day 2 is outside 250 Nola, number is at 14 at 5:23AM.

    positivethinkingactor 10/19/2017  5:10am

    Unofficial day 2 list is up to 30 at 5:58 am

    ab2336 10/19/2017  5:46am

    At 250 Nola

    ab2336 10/19/2017  5:47am

    54 at 6:30

    jeaniebean 10/19/2017  6:21am

    Is the building opening at 8 or 8:30? Thought I saw a sign that said 8:30 but the audition listing said the holding room would open at 8.

    WepaVanessa 10/19/2017  7:38am

    Do we think a good majority of the "rollover" people are actually going to show up? Just trying to gage an anticipated wait time for those of us that signed up this morning

    Badandboujee 10/19/2017  7:44am

    How's it looking today?

    beltingbadass 10/19/2017  9:26am

    Any updates on what numbers they’ve called and how long the list is? And if the unofficial was taken upstairs?

    positivethinkingactor 10/19/2017  9:27am

    Yes they are honoring the list posted on the door this morning! I was around #85 and I am towards the end of the 10-11am block.

    mgt 10/19/2017  9:52am

    They’ve gone through all their people from yesterday already?? What if you missed your name?

    positivethinkingactor 10/19/2017  9:55am


    Gottaknow 10/19/2017  10:04am

    Anyone know how far they’ve gotten this morning?

    LMC 10/19/2017  10:05am

    If you missed your name and you're on yesterday's list they will still give you priority!

    Singingandcats 10/19/2017  10:06am

    They started a little early so they have been super chill about fitting people in! I've seen a few people walk in who were signed up and missed their name being called and they've just been put in the next available time block.

    mgt 10/19/2017  10:10am

    Are they already on the people from today's unofficial list?

    Badandboujee 10/19/2017  10:10am

    They aren't really going in order of the list. Just come by and check in, they will probably tell you to come back at 1 or 2, at this point (even if you missed your name being called)

    ab2336 10/19/2017  10:12am

    They’re filling their 2-3PM slot now which is the last one of the day I think so come now if you missed your name or if you’re trying to be seen today!

    positivethinkingactor 10/19/2017  11:03am

    Can someone post who was ITR? Forgot to ask. Thanks!

    MTmadness 10/19/2017  11:42am

    Do we know if the 2-3 slots been filled yet? Thanks!

    thewitchbitch28 10/19/2017  11:49am

    Was told to come back at 1pm, but is there no point if they've already filled their 2-3pm slot? How many numbers have they called through?

    123Tap 10/19/2017  12:10pm

    The dance callback is actually at 4 today! Several slots available 3-4!!

    mangenue90 10/19/2017  1:02pm

    Did any lady by mistake take home a black leather jacket with them after the dance callback!? I have your jacket... please let me know and we can switch back! Thanks!!! 937-620-8880 :)

    bf8880 10/19/2017  5:16pm

    Anyone heard anything from this??

    moblonde 10/25/2017  3:28pm