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  • How many have signed the list so far?

    Iliketurtles 10/19/2017  6:49am

    Bump. any word on female non eq list for today?

    helloitsmeiwaswondering 10/19/2017  7:38am

    Non eq list for men and women at 5 each as of 7:45 am

    Noelvonb 10/19/2017  7:41am

    The list was at 22 women at 6:30 this morning... this call is at 519 Pearl

    Crzyclratuta 10/19/2017  7:47am

    Do we even think non eq will be seen?

    Iliketurtles 10/19/2017  7:48am

    Was non-eq seen yesterday? Do we think non-eq will be seen today?

    Rafa091 10/19/2017  8:11am

    Bump on equity men there?

    dgretchen 10/19/2017  8:45am

    33 non-eq men signed up

    Avis 10/19/2017  8:55am

    Hey could anyone let me know if we need to be there at 10 at the phantom call? I’m like 20 on the noneq list. Are they typing people out or anything? I’m at beef and boards right now and should be seen by like 9:45 but I might dip and head over to pearl if we need to be there to turn in our headshots or anything at 10.

    10/19/2017  9:06am

    Can someone give us an update when they hear something? Are they seeing non equity? How many female non eqs are signed up? Are they honoring the list? Thank you!

    Iliketurtles 10/19/2017  9:33am

    Can someone please post who is in the room? Thank You!

    PLL 10/19/2017  9:44am

    Can someone confirm where the women's non-union list is?

    Obein16 10/19/2017  9:48am

    The non-eq list for men has been closed

    Avis 10/19/2017  9:52am

    Bump for NonEq Women list status

    Appreciate any update/insight monitor provides on NonEq ☆

    asongandaprayer 10/19/2017  9:59am

    How many equity men have signed up?

    amhoward18 10/19/2017  10:15am

    Any update on women's non-eq list?

    Obein16 10/19/2017  10:17am

    There are 45 non-eq women on the list. All were transferred from the unofficial list in original order. Monitor is honoring it.

    From what it seems non-equity will get seen...don't quote me on that though.

    lizzy_ficks5 10/19/2017  10:19am

    The female non eq list is up to 60 :)

    Iliketurtles 10/19/2017  11:12am


    Jim Lowe - MD
    Xavier Rubiano - CA

    Heard that Merri Sugarman CD will be ITR in the afternoon.

    MachoMadness 10/19/2017  11:36am

    Any male non eq seen?

    QuietRevolution 10/19/2017  12:05pm

    Is the female non eq list closed? And what's it up to?

    Penelope 10/19/2017  12:18pm

    Any updates from this am? Did they end up seeing any non eq

    asprgs456 10/19/2017  1:21pm

    They did they ended up seeing non eq boys but cut to 8 Bars. I know the non eq girls list was full and they are adding a second page, so a lot of non eq girls are already signed up.

    dgretchen 10/19/2017  1:31pm

    Let us know what they say about non union women at 2

    It seems to me like it’s probably unlikely........... but as they say, you never know.......................

    heybambassity 10/19/2017  1:45pm

    Non-union list is closed

    Beebe Bluff 10/19/2017  2:03pm

    So, are they seeing time permitting?

    heybambassity 10/19/2017  2:07pm


    heybambassity 10/19/2017  2:28pm

    How’s it looking for non eq?

    QuietRevolution 10/19/2017  2:44pm

    Who’s ITR this afternoon?

    spicegirl 10/19/2017  3:01pm

    Is the equity Alt list closed?

    spicegirl 10/19/2017  3:07pm

    Any NonEq ladies gotten to warble yet?

    asongandaprayer 10/19/2017  3:37pm


    QuietRevolution 10/19/2017  5:22pm

    Would love to know what # they got to

    asongandaprayer 10/19/2017  6:08pm