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  • Hell Ron Hubbard: A Haunted Scientology Muiscal Review Spook-tacular 10/22/2017  7:45pm

    What was the turnout for this last year? I heard they literally cast that day and rehearsals start the next because Halloween is coming up fast and there isn't much time. (Also, am i correct in saying you don't have to be a scientologist to audition?)


    To be honest, IDK. But I had a friend who did book this last year and ended up signing a contract she could NOT get out of, eek. I’ll just leave you with this, careful what you audition for.

    NessaRosesTurn 10/22/2017  7:48pm

    Last year I went and although I didn't book it, I will say it was the funnest and least stressful dance call ive ever been to. They allow you to improv for 4 counts of eight so you can show them everything you got.

    Igotthesplits 10/22/2017  7:50pm

    All this is correct! Its a fast process but great pay

    Laurabell_FUNdy 10/22/2017  7:52pm

    Bump! Just need this info for day of.

    SoberDanceMajor 10/22/2017  7:54pm

    I'm singin a Halloween song... bad idea?

    BillSykesIsHotAndWillBeForever 10/22/2017  7:58pm

    Dont have to be scientologist! Getting there really early because of the math test they apparently make you take before hand.

    Somethingrotten_itsme_lol 10/22/2017  7:59pm

    Where was this audition posted? I can't seem to find it.

    ZeroTalent 10/22/2017  8:29pm

    @zerotalent backstage . Com but it's very vague

    Herecumthebridg&tunnelcrowd 10/22/2017  9:28pm

    Guys this audition was really sketchy last year, they made me do a monolouge in the choreographers red 2015 honda civic. I know.

    MakeAmericaTapAgain 10/22/2017  9:37pm