• Alhambra 11/09/2017  4:02pm

    Do you think an EMC male will be likely seen tomorrow morning? Traveling from jersey and don't want to waste money Yano?


    Also, is this at Pearl500 or AEA? Because the last two days have been at AEA but the casting notice says P500?

    Biminibabe93 11/09/2017  10:35pm

    It's at Pearl. Audition Center is closed tomorrow (Veteran's Day).

    bananabread 11/09/2017  11:28pm

    *AEA Audition Center

    bananabread 11/09/2017  11:29pm

    Do they cast Equity and non Equity in their shows?

    EeeZee 11/09/2017  11:37pm

    I know last year, during ECC, non-we was seen! Hope that helps.
    Also, where are the ECC auditions tomorrow for Alhambra?

    C2braz 11/09/2017  11:37pm


    C2braz 11/09/2017  11:39pm

    Thanks for the update guys!
    Any news on a list being started form non-eq yet?

    Biminibabe93 11/10/2017  5:03am

    Female non-eq at 15
    Men's was less than 8 (can't remember exact number)
    There is also a female dancer list started

    highvoltage 11/10/2017  6:20am

    Where is the information for this call?? I️ can’t find it on backstage

    Jelliclecat33 11/10/2017  7:10am

    Non eq female singers list at 23 as of 7:50 am

    Twizzler55 11/10/2017  8:01am

    Non eq female singers list at 23 as of 7:50 am

    Twizzler55 11/10/2017  8:21am


    C2braz 11/10/2017  9:01am

    This call is at 519!!!

    Vikingprincess 11/10/2017  9:08am

    ^^ what? All things online say 500.

    singingx 11/10/2017  9:24am

    Are they seeing non eq

    JSL32 11/10/2017  9:47am

    Yes this call is now at 519! All non-eq lists were transferred:)

    Biminibabe93 11/10/2017  10:01am

    Would someone mind posting who is in the room?

    Sunshinegirl 11/10/2017  10:28am

    Just called first 8 or so non-eq ladies

    Athenaforthewin 11/10/2017  11:30am

    Does anyone know why it is moving so slowly?

    letsgo 11/10/2017  11:32am

    Moving slowly because the team is taking time to talk to each person and they didn’t give a set bar amount. Dance callbacks given ITR for later today

    Godihopeigetit17 11/10/2017  11:46am

    How late can we come down and sign up?

    Workitout 11/10/2017  12:05pm

    Any update on whether non eq dancing boys were seen?

    Inconceivable 11/10/2017  2:24pm

    Can someone post who was ITR? I forgot to copy the list. Thanks!

    MTmadness 11/10/2017  5:35pm