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  • Meals for Monologues 11/12/2017  9:56am

    Can people post who is in what studio as you all start going? And any additional info you might think would be helpful!



    iKruse 11/12/2017  10:33am

    Bump! I know there are different rooms but any ITR info is greatly appreciated

    OffBook 11/12/2017  11:02am

    Studio 4 people ITR:
    Lain Kunin- Julie Schubert Casting
    Candice Alustiza-Lee- Aibel/Bergstein Casting
    Tara Rubin- Tara Rubin
    Jordan Thaler- Public Theatre Casting
    Jenny Ravitz- Jonathan Strauss Casting

    Accompanist: Nissa Kahle

    They were ahead of schedule and all SUPER nice and chilled out. I wish all auditions could be this chill! Good luck to all!

    caffeinedreamer 11/12/2017  12:37pm

    Just released a spot- go grab it!

    FinallyGettingThis 11/12/2017  2:24pm

    Where is this call?

    beltingbadass 11/12/2017  3:53pm

    Studio 3-
    Alison Franck (Franck Casting)
    Kate Sprance (Ellen Lewis Casting)
    Karyn Casl (Telsey)
    Frankie Stepek (NBC Universal Casting)
    Katie Zanca (Binder Casting)

    Anonymousactor 11/12/2017  4:26pm

    By the time I sang (mid-afternoon), there was a different group of CDs in Studio 4. I know Jillian Cimini was one, but I didn't memorize the names of the other 4. Does anyone have a PM listing?

    SusanCD 11/12/2017  4:57pm

    i was at around 2:45 in studio 4, and ITR was:
    Jillian Cimini (Roundabout/Jim Carnahan Casting)
    Scotty Anderson (Avy Kaufman Casting)
    Destiny Lilly (Telsey)
    Rebecca Gushin (freelance CD)
    Ellen Lewis (Ellen Lewis Casting)
    Deborah Abramson (accompanist)

    Miss Vanjie 11/12/2017  5:02pm

    Thank you -- that was the group when I auditioned at 3:20 or so.

    SusanCD 11/12/2017  5:36pm