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  • The Sting ECC 11/13/2017  5:29am

    Non-Eq Lists posted outside. Women’s at 3 and men’s at 1 respectively!



    jacobandsons443 11/13/2017  6:01am


    ‡‡‡ 11/13/2017  6:32am

    Also, I have this listed at 519. Is that correct?

    ‡‡‡ 11/13/2017  6:32am

    It is at 519! The list just got moved up to 12

    CarmenbW 11/13/2017  6:37am

    Female non eq at about 15.

    eroseb 11/13/2017  7:01am

    Does anyone have any insight into this: from the time I was at the dance call the other day, they seemed to only keep girls who were under 5'3"or so. Did I miss something about what they are looking for, or is it just by chance? Thanks!!

    sing_happy 11/13/2017  8:09am

    Any updates?

    ‡‡‡ 11/13/2017  9:23am

    Bump for updates

    godimamixer 11/13/2017  9:28am

    Did they make any announcements about non eq ?

    Igottaquitmydayjob 11/13/2017  9:47am

    They are seeing non eq!

    CarmenbW 11/13/2017  9:53am

    Emily Turner Marsland, the monitor wants the 28 card back. She called your name a million times lol

    ‡‡‡ 11/13/2017  10:17am

    What’s the status of the male ex?

    LittleVoice 11/13/2017  3:04pm