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  • 14 on the non-eq list

    reeee 11/13/2017  7:38am

    Does anyone know when they're handing out sides for non-eq? Or would it be when we get sent upstairs?

    bigbadmads 11/13/2017  8:17am

    Updates on EMC?

    singingx 11/13/2017  8:32am

    they will be seeing non-eq, time permitting :)

    theatre559 11/13/2017  9:15am

    4 EMC our of 18 called in first group! No alternates

    EMCLost 11/13/2017  9:15am

    Any updates on EMC ?

    Onceafan 11/13/2017  10:11am

    Is Paul Davis itr?

    Bway_Owl 11/13/2017  10:13am

    Any updates on this? Wondering if I have time to come down and get seen before my 12:30pm appointment

    Lbbbby 11/13/2017  10:41am

    Updates on EMC and non-eq numbers?

    mm5252 11/13/2017  11:37am

    Non Equity 6-end of list dismissed till after luch

    Cinderella55 11/13/2017  11:39am

    BUMP on EMC update?

    glitterandbegay212 11/13/2017  12:27pm

    Did they get to any non eq before lunch?

    Yogagirl91 11/13/2017  12:49pm

    They didn't see any non-eq before lunch.

    FierceConversations 11/13/2017  1:16pm

    any updates for non-eq?

    321sing 11/13/2017  1:51pm

    Hi! Have any more non-eq been called? Do you think its worth coming back if you're far on the list?

    Averyjessup 11/13/2017  2:47pm

    Who was in the room today?

    Anonymousactor 11/13/2017  3:35pm

    They've called to 40 non-eq with lots of no-shows

    FierceConversations 11/13/2017  3:45pm

    How is this looking today the 14th?

    morningperson...not 11/14/2017  1:51pm