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  • Dear Evan Hansen Tour 11/13/2017  3:35pm

    Was a separate breakdown released for this? Are appointments being held around the EPAs?


    Has anyone gotten an agent appointment for this yet?

    Okayokay 11/13/2017  3:47pm

    I attended an agent appointment for this today,not sure if there's more days

    NoButISeriouslyWannaBeInTheRoomWhereItHappens 11/13/2017  4:21pm

    Wait, you said tour, my bad. The appointment I had wasn't for the tour.

    NoButISeriouslyWannaBeInTheRoomWhereItHappens 11/13/2017  4:22pm

    tour breakdown went out and appts are in January

    towel 11/13/2017  11:00pm