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  • Just signed in on non-eq list as 16

    Sk8ter1916 11/14/2017  9:08am

    Any word on EMC?

    Ab1220cts 11/14/2017  9:21am

    First 4 EMC were seen with 9:30 group. Maybe 12 to 15 EMC on list? I didn't see the exact number...

    Athenaforthewin 11/14/2017  9:41am

    For equity - tons of appointments starting at 11:10am

    amhoward18 11/14/2017  10:08am

    Who is ITR?

    sweetpotato 11/14/2017  10:45am

    Bump on who’s in room?

    inspiredactor 11/14/2017  11:07am

    have non-eq's been seen? if so how many?

    Sk8ter1916 11/14/2017  11:14am

    ITR? Still Paul?

    AFTC 11/14/2017  11:37am

    Matthew Wise - Casting Assistant
    Shannon Bailey? (blurry pic, can't quite make out her last name) - Casting Intern
    Olivia Hayhurst - Reader

    Athenaforthewin 11/14/2017  11:45am

    Looks like they’ve seen 9 non-eq

    Sk8ter1916 11/14/2017  11:59am

    Haven’t seen anymore non-eq, all non-eq released until after lunch

    Sk8ter1916 11/14/2017  12:19pm

    have any more non-eq's been seen?

    Sk8ter1916 11/14/2017  2:11pm

    Was Matthew Wise in the room yesterday too or was it someone else?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 11/14/2017  2:31pm

    Up to 32 on non-eq sign in sheet. Almost all have gone in. Fair amount of no shows helped

    Sk8ter1916 11/14/2017  3:25pm

    Still open?

    MTmadness 11/14/2017  3:50pm