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  • alphanyc 11/19/2017  9:34am

    The comment about AlphaNYC (Adam Roebuck) is too extreme. I've appeared in eleven, that's right eleven, of their productions, and while some have been not so good, some have been fine, particularly Our Town, The Laramie Project, Spoon River Anthology and Twelve Angry Jurors. If the play is good and the part is good, my advice is to go with the flow.


    That is the problem I have with this. I went for one audition and everyone there seemed to know each other, was an already established theater crew. Which is nice, but I really didn't have the energy to work my way up the chain. I've did community theater since very young and this reminded me of the it. Everyone has to take their turn. No time for that.

    whattheheck 11/19/2017  6:03pm

    its basically comm theatre

    fuzzletwit 11/19/2017  7:05pm

    Take this to the bitching page. This is for status updates of current auditions.

    EpaMonitor 11/19/2017  8:24pm

    I have a friend who did a show w/ them back in 2014. It’s a joke. I’m sorry you were conned into wasting your time w them.

    Hieeee 11/25/2017  11:14pm