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  • The Prom ECC Female Dancer DevLab 11/21/2017  5:17am

    Unofficial female dancer list has 5 names as of 5:30am! list inside with security.


    List at 41 at 7:45

    dancingcountrygirl 11/21/2017  7:32am

    Does anyone know if they're typing non eq?

    Dance to Live 11/21/2017  9:44am

    No non eq

    Breathe 11/21/2017  9:47am

    They’re not seeing non eq?

    Tam13 11/21/2017  9:50am

    They’re not seeing non-eq but taking drop offs!

    HK852 11/21/2017  9:50am

    Thank you!

    Tam13 11/21/2017  9:53am

    ITR today?

    Catbug826 11/21/2017  5:27pm