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  • Sesame street live 11/21/2017  2:17pm

    The notice says from that the sign up time or is that how long the entire call is?


    It says signup at 9 so I assume the call is longer than 30 mins, but it was strange the way the call was posted...

    Rain On my Parade 11/24/2017  9:38pm

    For anyone wondering, still signing people in and will start sooner than 10. Seems like a little less than 100 people here. Complicated sign-in: you hand your H/R, receive a number, they take your height, you fill out their paperwork on an iPad...your picture is also taken so useful to come dressed in your audition clothes already...

    Rain On my Parade 11/25/2017  9:28am

    How late does the singer call go? Are they closing the list soon?

    singsingsingsingsing 11/25/2017  9:53am