• My Fair Lady EPA 3 12/08/2017  7:00am

    Hey guys is there a list started for this? How many non eq


    Just started a non eq list at 7:45 haha. Only 1 person on each. If you wanna get seen come to this call! Lol

    Twizzler55 12/08/2017  7:43am

    Do EMC sign up with the non-eqs or is there a separate list?

    IAmMe 12/08/2017  8:02am

    This call is very quiet- lots of appointments open, and they've called up to #3 on EMC and #7 on Non-Eq

    14ergirl 12/08/2017  9:57am

    who is ITR?

    sohoguy 12/08/2017  10:37am

    Which company is this for? I'm having trouble finding the post. Thank you and Happy Friday

    asongandaprayer 12/08/2017  10:58am


    sohoguy 12/08/2017  11:05am


    sohoguy 12/08/2017  11:09am

    Thank you!

    For anyone else seeking specs:
    Casting "My Fair Lady," headed to Broadway. Seeking Equity actor/singers for one available principal role (Mrs. Pearce). All other roles cast. However, actors may be considered for possible replacements if needed. Note: Principal understudies/covers will come from the ensemble.

    asongandaprayer 12/08/2017  11:21am

    Dudes, I walked right in, and there was a small list of ladies too. Madison’s a doll, so go just to see her cheerful face if for no other reason. =)

    jtmt14 12/08/2017  12:43pm

    Could you kindly post who is ITR?

    mezsop 12/08/2017  12:55pm

    Madison Sylvester of Telsey is the CD today; Brad Garside is the accompanist (he's great).

    SusanCD 12/08/2017  1:22pm

    Thank you, SusanCD!

    mezsop 12/08/2017  1:30pm

    What's the women's non equity list looking like?

    WillWork4Espresso 12/08/2017  1:36pm

    Pat Goodwin In room now

    Tbone 12/08/2017  2:26pm

    How’s this looking? Still callin’ Equity?

    Jnorks 12/08/2017  3:36pm

    Still seeing anyone for this? Specifically non-eq?

    cjm568 12/08/2017  5:25pm