• Is the male list already happening?

    Rafa091 12/11/2017  5:10am

    What does this mean? Will there be an unofficial list earlier?

    Musicalz 12/11/2017  5:20am

    I think this means the list is on number 8 not that’s it’s gonna start at 8am..

    Wizardofahs 12/11/2017  5:22am

    Iist At 12 at 5:45

    Wizardofahs 12/11/2017  5:31am

    Wait upstairs already? Thought the building didn’t open yet

    Scaredlittlebaby 12/11/2017  5:33am

    ^^ yes it’s upstairs already. The door is open

    Wizardofahs 12/11/2017  5:45am

    Where is this door to get upstairs?

    Jmblast15 12/11/2017  6:05am

    Is anyone going to sign up for this and King and I? Is it possible to do both? How would that work? Thank you!

    Musicalz 12/11/2017  7:21am

    Could someone post what the non-Union list is up to? Thanks!

    SP 12/11/2017  7:43am

    Bump! What is the non eq list up to?

    clairrachelhowell 12/11/2017  8:54am

    Please post who is ITR when call starts

    Jdance 12/11/2017  9:14am

    Does anyone know if they’ve started on time or late due to the traffic/subway delays? Thanks!

    Sleepless in Seattle 12/11/2017  10:01am

    Taking drop offs only for non-eq. They are afraid of getting way more equity today because of the delays with the trains

    highvoltage 12/11/2017  10:10am

    who is ITR

    Jdance 12/11/2017  10:14am

    trying to decide if its worth it so please post who from casting and md is therE?

    Jdance 12/11/2017  10:43am

    Still only taking drop offs? :(

    Twizzler55 12/11/2017  10:51am

    bump for who is in the room please??

    ireallyreallywantajob 12/11/2017  11:40am

    Who's in the room?

    Spp269 12/11/2017  12:10pm