• ActorParlor Actor Social Network 12/11/2017  11:00am

    Hey everyone! Last week a friend sent me a link to ActorParlor.com, a site that started up in November (according to their website), and it’s being branded as “the social and professional network for actors, performers, and individuals involved in the entertainment business to chat, connect, and create.”

    Funny enough, I just finished an audition, and overheard a group talking about it, so I thought I’d post here. The site is gorgeous, and it seems like it’s run by a team that moderates it regularly. I also made an account, and it has some neat stuff like a real-time chat room, internal messaging system, actor profiles and status updates (for posting updates and showcasing work), and general/regional forums (for auditions, general discussion, etc.).

    The downside is that the user base seems small, so I haven’t really been able to interact with people yet and test out its functions. But it’s awesome that it lets you make profiles, and the account system lets you showcase headshots, post updates, etc. They also seem pretty intent on building a community (with a regional group system and community introductions forum) which seems cool.

    I’d much prefer to be using that platform, as their "regional audition forum" seems to have everything this does and more… but I'll probably be sticking around here for the time being until it gains traction haha…!


    Lovely site. I second the "I'd much prefer using that platform" motion lmao!

    tammend 12/11/2017  11:37am

    Awesome! Just signed up. Will probably still always rely on my AU folks for auditions, but really like what I see in terms of networking on ActorParlor!

    het 12/12/2017  1:07am

    I was actually really happy for your site but you have posted TWO threads now with the EXACT same wording. You copy and pasted an ad basically. This is spam and I'm flagging it as spam. We don't put up with this, I do wish your page luck but please do not post this twice in different threads. This is kind of rude. Please read the rules on here, thanks! :).

    modblueberrypie. 12/12/2017  1:24am

    Also what does this have to do with Equity? Does the union sponsor it? Come on.

    modblueberrypie. 12/12/2017  1:28am

    OP here. In no way was my intent to spam by double-posting. Both were posted about 4 hours before the community guidelines posts were added, so to accuse me of any ill-intent is unnecessary. However, I apologize to everyone if it came across as spam; just excited to share a site that I believe presents immense value to the acting community. :)

    jmadison 12/12/2017  1:56am