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  • Voice Teachers 12/11/2017  8:15pm

    I know this isn't an audition update... but I need some honest advice-
    What are peoples thoughts on Matt Farnsworth, Mike Ruckles, and Liz Callaway.

    not sure if its even possible to get in with Liz


    I didnt even know Liz taught...yeah that might be impossible, but it’s always good to find out :):)
    I’ve heard Mike is great!
    I had my first lesson with Matt recently and we all know he’s pricey, and he’s a great teacher obviously, we all know it. I just found that our communication styles didn’t match, so therefore I found I took longer to fix things than I normally do. I can fix vocal problems on a dime, but with him, I couldn’t quite get it until he explained it a couple times. That’s just me, he IS great teacher and has more vocal knowledge than any one person should probably have, it was just our differences in communication didn’t mesh together well as teacher and student. I will use his lesson for the rest of my life though :):)

    Showbizdreamer 12/11/2017  8:26pm

    Btw, thiscan go in the BP and just mark it as “NAB” (Not a Bitch) we all do it.

    Showbizdreamer 12/11/2017  8:27pm

    Mike is the man! He is a true professional and his wealth of knowledge is truly remarkable. More importantly, though, his teaching style is accessible and practical. Affordable (relatively speaking) and one of the best in NYC.

    bjc312 12/11/2017  9:06pm

    Do you mean Liz Caplan? I've heard some unsettling stories from about 5 different people about her teaching styles. Joan Lader is, in my opinion (and it's just my own, I know) the best of the best. Mike Ruckles studied under her and teaches from the Estill Method, which she helped cultivate in the New York musical theatre scene. She is unbelievably good. So is Mike!

    KellyBrooke345 12/12/2017  12:57am

    Actually, many share KellyBrooke345’s opinion—Joan Lader got an honorary Tony two years ago. She’s also trained several reputable, established teachers: Jill Edwards, Andrea Green, Candace Goetz and Carolyn Paulus.

    ThatOneGuy 12/12/2017  2:21pm

    mike ruckles knows his stuff 100% and is amazing to work with. i wouldn’t say affordable but he’s worth the money.

    slutforsondheim 12/12/2017  2:26pm

    I go to Mike Maixner at the Matt Farnsworth studio and he’s wonderful, and cheaper than going to Matt but teaches the same principles

    taybay 12/12/2017  4:49pm

    Highest recommendation of Mike! He has a background in classical voice, and is uniquely great at helping singers with opera backgrounds crossover into theatre! But most importantly, his singers WORK.

    Helloyounglovers 12/12/2017  10:22pm

    Honestly Jason Forbach is one of the most underrated teachers IMO.

    His rates and everything are on his website.

    Beltbox 12/12/2017  11:27pm

    Has anyone worked with David Sabella?

    Welvek 12/13/2017  7:23am

    I have been working with Mike Ruckles for over 3 years, and I cannot rave about him enough... He is a genius and has given me the tools to navigate the MT world even as a dancer first. He's worth every penny.

    dancedancedance5678 12/13/2017  4:59pm

    I worked with David and while he's a very nice person, his teaching style didn't mesh well with my learning style. If I didn't get something, he wouldn't try to find another way to get my voice to do it, he'd just keep trying the same things, which got frustrating. Also, sometimes I'd be excited about something and he'd kind of shut it down. I love him as a person, but not as a teacher.

    myjunkisyou 12/13/2017  5:31pm