• Three Tall Women 12/11/2017  11:47pm

    Hi! First post here. Lookin for advice.

    How hard is it going to be to be seen at Three Tall Women EPA as a non equity man who fits the role of the boy?

    I've found that male heavy plays are easier to be seen at as non-eq, because there is less turn out. (Clockwork Orange was empty).

    Do you think an EPA looking for three female understudies and one male character is gonna be really busy or not so busy?

    I'm a year into living here and still have problems even getting seen. :/



    Why can’t it be the non binary individual tho?

    kikikittens 12/12/2017  8:16pm

    you should be fine! just get there early!

    nikki113 12/12/2017  11:34pm

    What time is early? Before 8?

    Film_ANTHologist 12/12/2017  11:41pm

    you can never really know, unfortunately, but because this is such a specific call, i would think 8 is early enough.

    nikki113 12/13/2017  12:20am

    A second non-eq was created downstairs, even though there was one already created upstairs. I combined the lists upstairs.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 12/13/2017  7:52am

    What's the list at?

    Welvek 12/13/2017  8:18am

    Just checked, the list is at 21 for non-eq

    TheYoungMan 12/13/2017  8:58am

    Where is the EMC list at?

    rjw0405 12/13/2017  9:58am

    bump on emc??

    nikki113 12/13/2017  10:14am

    Noneq at 30. Looks like 2 might have been seen.

    scarletletter 12/13/2017  12:08pm

    What’s the list like?

    12/13/2017  1:11pm

    any update on appointments available/alternate list? Who is ITR?
    THANKS in advance

    Captainmj 12/13/2017  1:51pm

    Any updates?

    12/13/2017  2:05pm

    Updates for non eq?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 12/13/2017  4:19pm