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  • I’m case what? It’s before five am and you started a list....

    Batcha24601 12/12/2017  4:47am

    Since it was an open call I wasn’t sure if an unofficial list was even needed or honored so I just wanted to be safe 😉

    LetMySpiritSing 12/12/2017  4:51am

    No... like I get it... I just wanted to bring it to your attention that you started a list “just in case” before five am. Which is... ridiculous.

    Batcha24601 12/12/2017  4:54am

    I’m sorry...I’m still learning...

    LetMySpiritSing 12/12/2017  5:02am

    Anyone sign up yet?

    Twinkle 12/12/2017  6:09am

    Do open calls have unofficial lists? I thought everyone just made a line

    321sing 12/12/2017  6:18am

    Unofficial lists are taken depending on the person who is casting. They are usually honored. How long is the list now?

    @redandsparkly 12/12/2017  6:29am

    At around 6am there were 4 people signed up

    heysoulsister 12/12/2017  6:52am

    Where is the list? They won't let me into Ripley until 8am?

    RSDUBS1995 12/12/2017  7:26am


    Twinkle 12/12/2017  7:41am

    List is in the room and at 31

    Smartalex 12/12/2017  8:02am

    List is in the room and at 31

    Smartalex 12/12/2017  8:05am

    What information do you have?

    (Comments mentioning other websites will be deleted... lawyers... arg.)

    Twinkle 12/12/2017  8:11am

    Phone posted that by accident.... does the official sign in start at 9 or 10?

    Twinkle 12/12/2017  8:12am

    How many is the list at?

    thisismyscreenname 12/12/2017  9:17am

    Was in the high 50s a few minutes ago

    bwaylvsong 12/12/2017  9:33am

    Headshots collected for 1-10. List is somewhere in the 50s

    Batcha24601 12/12/2017  9:47am

    Group 1 (numbers 1-8) just went and headshots are being collected. The list is at 56.

    Meganrae 12/12/2017  9:56am

    Collected the first 30 or so headshots and lined up the first 8.

    bwaylvsong 12/12/2017  9:56am

    Collected ALL headshots

    bwaylvsong 12/12/2017  10:01am

    When finding this online I saw that the auditions were yesterday and callbacks are today? Is that correct?

    pmusic 12/12/2017  10:13am

    Wait so I’m assuming since they took all the headshots this is closed now? Especially since callbacks are today as well?

    Lovessleeptoomuch 12/12/2017  10:18am

    ^I don't think the call is closed. The monitor just seems to be front-loading all of the headshots.

    bwaylvsong 12/12/2017  10:29am

    Were callbacks ITR like yesterday?

    321sing 12/12/2017  10:32am

    What time does this call end?

    take-a-cue 12/12/2017  10:37am

    Is the list still open? Or did they close the call?

    BellaDrama88 12/12/2017  10:38am

    ^People are still signing in. Call technically ends at 1, but I don't know if they'll stay till then

    bwaylvsong 12/12/2017  11:02am

    Call is closed

    bwaylvsong 12/12/2017  11:23am