• Rent Non Union Tour @ Pearl 12/13/2017  6:50am

    Morning everyone!!!

    What's the line looking like right now?


    Anybody there?

    Tim204 12/13/2017  7:12am

    Just got here list is at 13 as of 7:40

    CharlieCh 12/13/2017  7:25am

    how’s it looking now?

    EvJoJo 12/13/2017  7:48am

    38 as of 8:30

    Tim204 12/13/2017  8:14am

    Are they just seeing guys? What’s the deal

    LITTLESINGERGIRL 12/13/2017  11:44am

    Non eq is up to 30. Looks like they may have seen 2?

    scarletletter 12/13/2017  12:00pm

    Crap. Meant this for Three Tall Women. IGNORE MESSAGE

    scarletletter 12/13/2017  12:04pm

    list closed- not seeing anyone else

    slutforsondheim 12/13/2017  1:06pm

    Any info on callbacks ?

    Godsgifttoyouall 12/14/2017  7:46pm