• MUNY NYC auditions 12/15/2017  4:21pm

    Does anybody know - does the MUNY ever hold dancer auditions in New York, or do they only do EPAs and then the dancer call in St. Louis? Thanks in advance for any insight! :)


    They only do EPAs in NYC. The dancer ECC and the singer ECC are always only in St. Louis.

    unlimitedsoupsaladandbreadsticks 12/15/2017  5:02pm

    isn't it still possible to get a callback for ensemble from an EPA?

    ActorM7 12/16/2017  12:46pm

    Thank you!

    Yes, it's def possible to get a callback fro
    EPA for ensemble, but I'm a much stronger dancer than singer, so I would prefer to dance first if I can.

    Dancetenlooksquestionable 12/17/2017  8:17pm

    That makes sense. I'm the same way with singing where id rather sing first then dance.

    ActorM7 12/18/2017  1:25pm