• TRU Voices New Musical Readings 12/16/2017  10:37am

    Was anyone able to receive an appointment for this? I got the email with all the info stating they’d be seeing people between 10:30 & 2:30pm but wasn’t given a specific time after I emailed back. Thanks!


    I was able to get one. They did reply rather late in the night tho

    BrooklynHusker 12/16/2017  11:01am

    For what it’s worth, this producer is very shady and I had a bad experience working with him

    Sportsballandtheatrecanmix 12/16/2017  3:49pm

    Those people are beyond incompetant. I'm shocked they're still in business.

    FierceConversations 12/16/2017  11:12pm