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  • Theatre Aspen 01/10/2018  3:29pm

    Quick question, bus has anyone every worked for Theatre Aspen? Anyone done their apprenticeship? I couldn’t find much about them so I thought I’d ask here. Any and all help appreciated.


    Great apprenticeship! Exceptional casts. Beautiful place to spend the summer. No grunt work. You can work (for money) at concessions if you want/have time. Great shared housing. Probably the best-kept-secret-apprenticeship!

    Did you see this?

    picklesndsnitches 01/11/2018  11:34am

    I see they only accept current college students or recent grads--do you think that means upcoming 2018 grads only, or do 2016/2017 grads count?

    01/11/2018  11:56am

    There was a range of ages in this last "class." I definitely think 2017 grads would be accepted. Shoot them an email perhaps?

    picklesndsnitches 01/11/2018  7:23pm

    Was a past apprentice. Best contract of my career so far (although I know that if I'm young enough to have been an apprentice, my career is fairly short).

    Fair to mention that TA has recently gone through a leadership shift, and so the program may function differently going forward than it has in previous years.

    Can't speak to the graduation year thing (all the apprentices my year were still in school, had just graduated, or were grad students), but I think they phrase it that way because a lot of the additional things that you get to do as an apprentice (workshops, etc) are geared towards getting the apprenti ready for a career/life shift into the professional world, which wouldn't be...super helpful if you've already been on that grind for a few years. Just my $0.02--but I agree, it's worth an email! This program is a gem.

    little dove 01/12/2018  9:57pm