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  • Anti-Texting & Driving Commercial 01/10/2018  7:50pm

    Location: Nationwide – shoots in L.A.

    Type: TV Commercial
    Tittle: Anti-Texting & Driving Commercial

    We are casting models, actors and real people for a TV Commercial. Casting a PSA that is a look at what happens when you text and drive. This project which sets out to prevent distracted driving—particularly by drivers using phones behind the wheel.

    This Commercial will be a Slow-motion cinematography, shot at 1,000 frames per second which will capture the brutal consequences of taking your eyes off the road to glance at your smartphone, even briefly.


    Girlfriend (Lead) Female, 21-30

    Our lead is good looking and has a strong self-confidence to her; as she stands in the kitchen on a typical Sunday afternoon, making dinner
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
    Required Media: Headshot/Photo

    Boyfriend (Lead) Male, 21-30

    On his way back from work, driving on the highway; he is young and successful, with a good career ahead of him; however, he has no idea this night will change his life.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
    Required Media: Headshot/Photo

    Victim (Male & Female) 18-25

    Accident Victim; young, vibrant, smart and able to take directions.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
    Required Media: Headshot/Photo

    Adult Victim (Male & Female) 26-55

    Accident victim, Fun, Reliable & Professional.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
    Required Media: Headshot/Photo

    Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations
    Shoots Sept. 17 and 18 in Los Angeles, CA.

    Compensation & Union Contract Details
    Pays $750/day and $2000 for usage. Travel and meals provided.

    Casting closes
    Saturday, 10 February 2018

    We will pay airfare to the right applicant so apply no matter where you live if you’re interested.

    Applicant must be reliable and prompt. Serious inquiries only, please. Send your location and stats to


    Is this Union or Non-Union ?

    OverTheRainbow347 01/14/2018  4:07pm

    This is a scam.

    INeverGotToBeAnnie 01/14/2018  4:11pm