• Royal Caribbean Saturday Night Fever 01/16/2018  6:27pm

    Does Royal normally take an unofficial list? And/or does anyone know when sign ups start?


    Bump :)

    yesauditionslol 01/16/2018  9:36pm

    They usually transfer an unofficial list. It’s currently upstairs and has 2 people on it at 5:35.

    smalltowncityboy 01/17/2018  5:35am

    Where upstairs ?

    coldbrew 01/17/2018  5:41am

    Was in the sign just as you get off the elevator. Might have fallen? Or been taken downstairs.

    smalltowncityboy 01/17/2018  5:50am

    It's there still!

    coldbrew 01/17/2018  6:00am

    The list is in the lobby of 519 on the 1st floor. There isn’t a second list upstairs at pearl, I double checked! Numbers in the mid twenties now

    JessicaJones 01/17/2018  6:48am

    How is this going? What number are they up to?

    bluebird137 01/17/2018  11:07am