• Ogunquit Playhouse 2018 Season 01/16/2018  7:08pm

    Do they usually see Non-Equity? How early should Non-equity get there for this audition?


    I would think there is a very low chance of non-equity being seen. At least at a female call. The last few years I have attended the female singer ECC, and there have been like....at least 300 hundred something names on the list. so....

    Ru.Fi.Oooo 01/16/2018  7:34pm

    They do an open call!

    embemboo 01/16/2018  8:36pm

    What about the EPA?

    actorfreak1791 01/16/2018  8:40pm

    When would the Open Call be?

    actorfreak1791 01/16/2018  8:41pm

    They haven’t announced their open call yet

    embemboo 01/16/2018  10:31pm

    Have their appointments gone out yet?

    Elphabetch 01/17/2018  5:33am

    Open Call is announced on their website

    Someday 01/17/2018  1:23pm