• Barter Theater EPA 01/18/2018  5:00am

    Unofficial non eq list up on the right hand side of the doors outside the building.


    Noneq up to 27 at 5:58

    broadwaybaby16 01/18/2018  5:57am

    How many in the EMC/Equity line?

    Elphabetch 01/18/2018  6:00am

    Non eq at 31
    Emc at 3

    BrooklynHusker 01/18/2018  6:20am

    EMC is at 3 as of 6:15.

    mmoylan 01/18/2018  6:22am

    Friendly reminder that there is no EMC unofficial list allowed, you must be in line outside of the building hangin’ out freezing ya tuchus off till Ripley opens! <3

    LizaWithAZ 01/18/2018  6:26am

    How long IS that EMC/AEA line outside rn? Just tryin not to die today.

    bolognese 01/18/2018  6:59am

    Emc/eq line down to the end of the block

    reeee 01/18/2018  7:03am

    Line outside seems to be around 20 people

    hooplah21 01/18/2018  7:08am

    Update on equity line?

    CDM0713 01/18/2018  7:48am

    Bump for Equity/EMC line?

    TheOptimistPrime 01/18/2018  8:03am

    EMC/AEA Line is inside and all I can say is it’s damn long. I don’t even know how long it is at this point.

    bolognese 01/18/2018  8:27am

    It’s pretty packed. Eq/EMC lime snakes around studio and goes down the hall

    b.b. 01/18/2018  8:29am

    EMC/AEA Line is inside and all I can say is it’s damn long. I don’t even know how long it is at this point.

    bolognese 01/18/2018  8:56am

    Any news from a monitor yet?

    Jpmaxpop 01/18/2018  9:04am


    Jpmaxpop 01/18/2018  9:19am


    Jpmaxpop 01/18/2018  9:30am

    People are still signing up. Appointments are full, decent number of alts so far, 50+ emc

    reeee 01/18/2018  9:35am

    All appointments gone. Alt list in 20s by 9:35.

    Brakes 01/18/2018  9:38am

    Thank you - please update on if or when they’ll mention seeing any non eq?

    Jpmaxpop 01/18/2018  9:38am

    Can anyone kindly update when we have an idea of how quickly they’re burning through those alternates?

    muffins313 01/18/2018  9:49am

    Someone please keep us updated on how far down the EMC list they get?

    Scretlygirl 01/18/2018  9:50am

    Equity alts over 100...

    jerry2229 01/18/2018  10:11am

    Alt list sign ups up to over 100

    Feefyefofum 01/18/2018  10:11am

    EMC list to 90+ now

    TheOptimistPrime 01/18/2018  10:13am

    It’s an educated guess that non-Eq will not be seen... but hold the faith

    TheOptimistPrime 01/18/2018  10:14am

    Guys. Woof. Alt list at 143 and EMC at 86.

    iheardtheresfreecoffee 01/18/2018  10:32am

    Any alt been seen yet?

    Marcy18 01/18/2018  10:48am

    92 emc’s lined up. 4 alternates called

    rainstoker 01/18/2018  10:52am

    ^thank you! keep those alternate list updates coming whenever possible! thank you!!

    you'vegotafriendinme 01/18/2018  11:05am

    Noneq released by monitor. :(

    Brakes 01/18/2018  11:33am

    Non-Eq unity released, since 200+ alternates and EMCS are signed up. Monitor announced earlier no drop-offs.

    ITR are
    Richard Rose, Artistic Director
    Paul Russell, CD and director of SISTER ACT
    Lee Harris, Music Director
    Holly Williams, Staff

    PaulRussellCasting@gmail.com is the contact address.

    SusanCD 01/18/2018  11:40am

    Released as in released for lunch or released for the day

    Jendlite 01/18/2018  11:41am

    Non-eq released, alternate list in the 170’s

    socalledchaos 01/18/2018  11:42am

    Non we released for the day. 177 equity alternates signed up. 6 called

    rainstoker 01/18/2018  11:50am

    Any more alternates called?

    tinabelcher 01/18/2018  11:51am

    whoops, sorry, ignore previous message. Thanks for the updates!

    tinabelcher 01/18/2018  11:51am

    Non eqs released for the day. 177 alternates signed up. 6 called

    rainstoker 01/18/2018  11:52am

    Up to 11 alternates out of 181, as of 12:00.

    SusanCD 01/18/2018  11:55am

    So if we are emc.... expect to be seen ( if at all ... late afternoon?)

    Scretlygirl 01/18/2018  11:59am

    EMC released til after lunch.

    Brakes 01/18/2018  11:59am

    Just out in curiosity if anyone wouldn’t mind telling me what name was number one on the non eq list?

    Jpmaxpop 01/18/2018  12:09pm

    Anyone happen to know where they left off on the # of alt list called?

    truffleteaser 01/18/2018  1:48pm

    Called through 17 on the alt list

    reeee 01/18/2018  1:51pm

    At 2pm 17/200 called on the alternate list. Highly doubt any EMC, nonunion will be seen. Prob most alternates won’t be seen either

    DoIHaveToWearABraToThis? 01/18/2018  2:09pm

    Up to 19 on alt list called.

    Brakes 01/18/2018  2:16pm

    EMC just released.

    Brakes 01/18/2018  2:16pm

    EMCS were just released- since there are still more than 200 names on the Alternates list and folks continue to sign in for it.

    SusanCD 01/18/2018  2:19pm

    Up to 23 called on the Alt list.

    Brakes 01/18/2018  2:42pm

    Up to alt #23

    FrogPrincess 01/18/2018  2:46pm

    Alt list update please? (Thx for updates so far. Much appreciated!)

    SKH 01/18/2018  3:55pm

    Up through 40 in the 4pm group

    tinabelcher 01/18/2018  4:16pm

    Non eqs released for the day. 177 alternates signed up. 6 called

    rainstoker 01/18/2018  9:53pm

    Non eqs released for the day. 177 alternates signed up. 6 called

    rainstoker 01/19/2018  2:43pm