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  • Cape Playhouse EPA 01/18/2018  6:38am

    21 non-eq and just a few EMC on the list so far! Also, anyone know how to make the wifi here work???


    WiFi is v bad there but you have to log in with email I think. Update about EMC?

    Westdale 01/18/2018  7:12am

    EMC List up to #17!

    mgt 01/18/2018  7:23am

    Just to clarify, the equity list is up to 17. How many of those are equity members and how many of those are emc are uncertain

    CDM0713 01/18/2018  7:27am

    EMC List up to #17!

    mgt 01/18/2018  7:32am

    Sorry I didn’t mean to post that twice!! And yes, thank you for the clarification the Equity list is around 17 :)

    mgt 01/18/2018  7:36am

    No problem :)

    CDM0713 01/18/2018  7:43am

    Now at 27

    Westdale 01/18/2018  7:53am

    Any update on non eq?

    plshiremeomg 01/18/2018  7:55am

    Non-eq is at 28!
    I figured out how to make the wifi work, which is to use Safari to log into it instead of Chrome, since Chrome has too many built-in security features for Equity's shitty wifi service to bypass

    michy 01/18/2018  7:57am

    Equity was brought upstairs. It’s still early-ish but not super packed. I’d say somewhere around mid 20’s. Maybe 30 people

    CDM0713 01/18/2018  8:09am

    Non eq up to 31 @ 8:22

    ehcook 01/18/2018  8:21am

    What's the status of the equity line?

    JoannaP 01/18/2018  9:10am

    Got here 5-10 minutes ago and there were still some appointment slots available!

    elephantowl 01/18/2018  9:16am

    any idea of how many EMCs there are? I’m an earlyish non eq trying to gauge when I need to get back there

    winkandwiggle 01/18/2018  9:26am

    EMC to 24 just before 9am

    peanutbutterjelly 01/18/2018  9:34am

    What’s the alt list like

    bananabread 01/18/2018  9:35am

    Will non eq be seen?

    A rock 01/18/2018  9:49am

    Non eq was not seen yesterday, only made it through 17 EMC

    peanutbutterjelly 01/18/2018  9:51am

    How many alternates?

    michy 01/18/2018  10:00am

    does anyone know how many equity alternates there are?

    winkandwiggle 01/18/2018  10:03am


    gretchenweiners 01/18/2018  10:03am

    Non eqs dismissed until at least after lunch

    plshiremeomg 01/18/2018  10:14am

    What’s the EMC status?

    Westdale 01/18/2018  10:28am

    What’s that alternate Equity list at?

    star2bwanab 01/18/2018  10:46am

    Last I checked the equity alternates list was up to 151! 0.o

    alexandrawideeyes 01/18/2018  10:54am

    Whoops -- meant that for the Barter, sorry!

    alexandrawideeyes 01/18/2018  10:55am

    BUMP on Equity alternates info, please- thanks!

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 01/18/2018  11:03am

    I walked right in to cape and was seen right away. Alt list is very short. I've heard they have seen some emcs too.

    JoannaP 01/18/2018  11:09am

    Any update on alternates? Wanna know if emc is gonna be worth it

    Eggoat123 01/18/2018  11:09am

    who is ITR? Would appreciate any info

    Xtinasings 01/18/2018  11:17am

    Bump for if EMC have been seen and where are they on the list?

    Breezey 01/18/2018  11:32am

    Emc seen thru 10 and list at 75 as of 11ish

    peanutbutterjelly 01/18/2018  11:32am

    Any update on EMCs called ?

    winkandwiggle 01/18/2018  12:20pm

    Called through all the alternates and through 13 EMC. They are doing mini groups as well. Alternates can of course still sign up and bump that up again but the odds are looking good for EMC today. They're lining up the 12:30 group now.

    copyoflife 01/18/2018  12:27pm

    How’s it looking for non equity ?? How many EMCs are there?

    winkandwiggle 01/18/2018  12:31pm

    Eq alternates beyond #13 released til after lunch.

    Fyi, there are over 190 equity alts signed up.

    Brakes 01/18/2018  12:36pm

    When I left about a half hour ago, there were about 55 on the EMC list.

    Songsstresss 01/18/2018  12:37pm

    I forgot to write down who was in the room today. Can someone help me out?

    As_the_gayz_go_bi 01/18/2018  1:15pm

    Michael Rader (Artistic Director/Director of South Pacific)
    Geoff Josselson (Casting Director)
    Emma Schwartz (Casting Assistant)
    Michael Hicks (Accompanist)

    I'minthe212 01/18/2018  1:38pm

    how many EMCs have been seen??

    winkandwiggle 01/18/2018  1:56pm


    01/18/2018  1:57pm


    A rock 01/18/2018  2:01pm

    Bump on non eq

    mself 01/18/2018  2:07pm

    Bump EMC and non-eq

    sahlers00 01/18/2018  2:10pm

    Up to 19 on alt list called.

    Brakes 01/18/2018  2:15pm

    I'm so sorry, that was for Barter!!!!!

    Brakes 01/18/2018  2:15pm

    Was that last post meant for barter? How many EMCs are left before non equity might get seen ?

    winkandwiggle 01/18/2018  2:18pm

    62 out of 69 alternates called, and 13 out of 50-60-ish EMC already went

    michy 01/18/2018  2:34pm

    Thanks michy, you generous soul!

    Is it lunch yet 01/18/2018  2:39pm

    Thank you so much!! Have they made any announcements regarding non equity?

    winkandwiggle 01/18/2018  2:50pm

    Monitor announced not seeing non eq about 10 minutes ago.

    plshiremeomg 01/18/2018  2:52pm

    Where are they on EMCs?

    kh519 01/18/2018  3:24pm

    They have called 16 EMC now

    copyoflife 01/18/2018  3:35pm