• Priscilla Beach Theatre 01/18/2018  4:07pm

    No entry of this theatre in Gig & Tell. Has anyone worked there, do they pay? Thanks!


    They do a stipend at the end of the run of the show.

    BxMMC713 01/18/2018  10:01pm

    It's a great theatre! They don't pay a ton but they are the nicest people in the world.

    actinglol! 01/21/2018  1:12pm

    They pay a stipend at the end, provide housing, and some transportation in and around Plymouth. The nicest people you’ll ever work for in a great area just north of Cape Cod. Directors are hit or miss, but overall it’s a great experience.

    Josh 01/21/2018  4:06pm

    On top of being the kindest people you’ll ever work for, their subscriber base is insane and you’ll perform for a packed house nearly every night.

    Livingivin 01/21/2018  7:14pm

    honest experience:
    -500$ stipend at the end
    -housing is decent some don't have air conditioning
    -not much to do unless you have a car or have a friend who can drive
    -they treat you like a child and don't let you have alcohol (so if ur an adult it sucks)
    -hires mainly kids like 18-21
    -run really unprofessionally and they try to pretend they are professional
    -only would work here again if it was a good director

    Purplebelt 01/21/2018  11:32pm