• Camelot ECC Dance 01/19/2018  8:52am

    Non-eq list in the 20s. Post any updates on if they are seeing non-eq! Thanks!


    They will see all nonunion, but not in the first group. Monitor said it should be about 45 minutes or so before everyone is seen

    tinyballerina 01/19/2018  9:36am

    Anything collected from noneq yet? Plan to go in around 10:20 or 10:30?

    Laladreams 01/19/2018  10:01am

    Any news about a men’s non eq list?

    peanutbutterjelly 01/19/2018  11:29am

    What was the dance call like? More mover based? Difficult?

    bridgetunnel 01/19/2018  12:46pm

    Bump on the combo. Was it ballet/ difficult? What was it like? Thanks!

    Glamgirl 01/21/2018  12:57pm