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  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 02/12/2018  9:52pm

    Has anyone auditioned for them before? Interesting how they ask for 24 bars...


    Yes they asked for 16 to 24 bars last year too. I think it’s just a way of saying, not all music fits neatly into a 16 bar cut so don’t sweat it. They’re lovely people.

    FierceConversations 02/12/2018  10:03pm

    Where is this production?

    jf5588 02/12/2018  10:16pm

    ^^ It’s in NJ as part of the Princeton Festival

    beltingbadass 02/12/2018  11:47pm

    Is this by appointment only? I dont remember seeing a breakdown anywhere...

    slothsaretherealdeal 02/13/2018  12:27am

    Thank you! Yes they’re having appointments this week

    OverTheRainbow347 02/13/2018  6:58am

    Yeah it’s def appointments only I believe

    beltingbadass 02/13/2018  9:39am

    Does anyone know who was ITR? Who was the accompanist? for today

    Keepcalmandpetpugs96 02/13/2018  3:31pm

    Are they seeing walk-ins?

    Slotted--soup--spoon 02/13/2018  11:46pm

    Bump for who was ITR

    thebumpingbagel 02/14/2018  12:08am