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  • “Beehive” at Timberlake Playhouse 02/16/2018  6:50pm

    Does anyone know where this audition is being held on Feb 21st? I saw it and I have it in my schedule book but can’t find it now. Thanks guys! :)


    Beehive bump!

    Greenglasslove 02/16/2018  11:05pm

    It says it's at Nola and that you were supposed to submit for an appointment, but says they would see walk ins. Not sure if appointments went out yet. The call is from 10am-1:30pm

    katjoh78 02/17/2018  12:18am

    Thank you so much for the info! I really appreciate it :) Happy auditioning!

    Greenglasslove 02/17/2018  1:34am

    Does anyone know if these guys provide housing?

    Ab90 02/18/2018  3:54am

    Ab90- I ended up finding the post again on Backstage and it says they provide housing and meals! #freefoodisthebestfood

    Greenglasslove 02/18/2018  5:18am

    Anyone got an appointment for this yet? Haven't heard anything. Thanks!

    Toulouuuuse 02/18/2018  12:04pm

    ^^ I got an appointment. I can’t make it on Wednesday so I’m sending in a video at their approval.

    beltingbadass 02/18/2018  12:09pm

    Yes! Appointments went out and auditions are at NOLA on Wednesday. They seem very accommodating since they are taking walk-ins and excepting videos! According to their Backstage listing, they offer food and lodging along with their rehearsal/performance rate.

    riffs4days 02/19/2018  11:41pm