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  • Rocky Mountain Appts. 02/17/2018  12:52pm

    For those who have auditioned for them in the past, do they normally ask for a comedic monologue?


    I auditioned for them in Memphis, they didn’t ask me at the time. I did sides from their season

    bigmoney_salvia 02/17/2018  11:53pm

    Does anyone have insider info on if they’ll take walk-in waitlist?

    Ab90 02/18/2018  3:51am

    Bump on if they'll have a walk-in/alt list!

    Toulouuuuse 02/18/2018  12:42pm

    Double bump on the Alt/Waitlist

    LC8396 02/18/2018  7:43pm

    from their website-

    These auditions are RMRT’s own…there will be no other theatres present at these auditions.

    Monday & Tuesday, February 19, 20, 2018– Monday–non-union, Tuesday AEA

    We are no longer taking appointment requests for the NY auditions.

    All New York auditions will be By Appointment Only. There will be no wait list or alternates list.

    slothsaretherealdeal 02/19/2018  12:18am