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  • Stages. St. Louis ecc female (.02.19.18) 02/18/2018  9:33pm

    For tomorrow’s that they may type out non-eq?!? People who already auditioned for them this past week...did they do that? Also..was it done like right when they started or later in the day?

    Thanks to all!


    I went to their open call earlier this week, they typed by headshot right away. I was also wondering if anyone thinks they will see non-eq at all since they already had an open call?

    Mananayaw 02/18/2018  9:46pm

    Also, does anyone who has auditioned for them before know if they usually accept an unofficial list?

    thisisbananas 02/18/2018  10:17pm

    Gayle tweeted the other day that they will NOT be seeing non-eq tomorrow.

    CBC 02/18/2018  10:49pm

    I saw gayle’s tweet as well. Can any ladies confirm that they’re not seeing any non eq today?

    crooton94 02/19/2018  11:13am

    Does anybody know if they are still taking sign ins from equity ladies?

    elizaschuyler 02/19/2018  11:35am

    Can anyone confirm if they saw non eq peeps today?

    crooton94 02/19/2018  5:43pm