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  • Hair 50th National Tour 02/19/2018  2:18pm

    Hey what’s going on with the 50th anniversary tour of Hair? Is it still happening, because I haven’t seen any casting calls for it or any other news at all. Thanks!!


    Question of the year!

    Do we even know if it’s union or non union yet?

    Okayokay 02/19/2018  3:02pm

    Bump! I have been searching mercilessly for this! The show was supposedly going up in LA this summer so... casting needs to happen like five minutes ago, right??

    riffs4days 02/19/2018  11:42pm

    The “pre-tour” run in LA is literally supposed to start in April according to that playbill article so more like casting needs to happen...5 minutes ago. Idk if there were already hush hush auditions in LA or something? Ugh

    Okayokay 02/20/2018  1:11am

    Oh I thought you said “in 5 minutes” lolol so yes agreed to 5 minutes ago

    Okayokay 02/20/2018  1:12am

    This may be soooo lame, but what does "bump" mean?

    Laurakp94 02/20/2018  5:12am

    Bump just means someone is commenting on a thread to bring it back up to the top, so more people will see it and may be able to provide more info! :)

    madelinepurr 02/20/2018  10:47am

    I’m currently based in LA and I haven’t heard anything from people on this side. The Laguna Playhouse which is supposed to host the second stop on the tour doesn’t even have it listed on their site.

    fromcalitonewyork 02/20/2018  12:15pm

    Oh I thought you said “in 5 minutes” lolol so yes agreed to 5 minutes ago

    Okayokay 02/22/2018  2:03am


    bluejollyrancher 03/01/2018  5:49pm

    Yeah. It can't possibly be happening. If you google it there's a crowdfunding page that hardly has any donations and there's not really any mention of it beyond the announcement last fall.

    diggerydoo 03/01/2018  10:28pm

    It's happening, just probably being postponed. They put up a marquee at the venue a couple months ago as an announcement and from my understanding they're already working on the documentary that's going along with it. Bummer they're not on schedule. Was really looking forward to this. Will likely be cast out of Los Angeles, not New York.

    avidactress 03/02/2018  12:27pm