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  • Dave ECC 02/21/2018  11:04pm

    Anyone know if Arena Stage honors an unofficial list/sees Non Union usually? Just trying to gage tomorrow so any advice would be greatly appreciated!



    mixingisthehealthieroption 02/22/2018  12:23am


    bfabitch 02/22/2018  5:11am

    12 females as of 6am

    Up every morning at six 02/22/2018  5:56am

    No idea if they’ll honor it, but 28 as of 7:30

    Third_Tree_From_The_Left 02/22/2018  7:36am

    31 names as of 8:45am!

    LetMySpiritSing 02/22/2018  8:39am

    Arena doesn't generally hire out of town Non-Union. If you have housing there that might be another story.

    JCrewGinghamShirt 02/22/2018  8:57am

    The line to get into 520 is outside and all the way to 36th street :-/

    whinerfirst 02/22/2018  9:20am

    Please update when they announce whether they’ll be seeing non-eq or not!

    Up every morning at six 02/22/2018  9:21am

    Any updates for non eq? And where’s the list at?

    SD 02/22/2018  9:30am

    They’re calling Equity right now, unofficial list is being honored and was up to around 40 or 50 I believe

    LetMySpiritSing 02/22/2018  9:33am

    I was 37 at 9:45. Please oh please update when they close list for equity and when they say if calling non equ/drop off wtc

    Ab90 02/22/2018  9:53am


    02/22/2018  10:06am

    Non union list is closed!

    LetMySpiritSing 02/22/2018  10:10am

    But they are going to try to see non-eq time permitting?

    Up every morning at six 02/22/2018  10:18am

    That’s what it seems like so far hopefully! They’re taking equity girls in groups of 20 and they haven’t told non union to go home yet.

    LetMySpiritSing 02/22/2018  10:21am

    Dumb question from someone who’s never been to an ECC: does that mean they wait until the end and do groups of 20 for non-eq as well? Or do they just fit them in when they can? I checked the AEA website but it’s not super clear

    02/22/2018  10:25am

    I’m pretty new myself but as far as I know, all equity people who signed up and received a number this morning have to be seen before Non Equity can be seen. If at that point they determine there’s still time, then they usually decide a certain number of Non Eqs they can see based on time.

    LetMySpiritSing 02/22/2018  10:39am

    Thank you! I’m in the mid-20s and trying to figure out if/when I should run over

    02/22/2018  10:41am

    Can someone please post who is in the room? Thanks!

    Lesismore 02/22/2018  10:50am

    Equ ladies are they seeing 40 if you an hour?

    Ab90 02/22/2018  10:51am

    Anyone know now what equity number they have called thru

    Sarah_tmg 02/22/2018  10:51am


    02/22/2018  11:20am


    goodkarma 02/22/2018  11:43am

    Calling non Eq list in five minutes!!!

    LetMySpiritSing 02/22/2018  11:59am

    All non equ to type or starting from top of list? What happens if we miss number?

    Ab90 02/22/2018  12:15pm

    Bump! What’s happening?

    Little_Red 02/22/2018  12:43pm

    They took a bunch of non eq women, but if you weren’t here it’s closed for women. They’re taking drop offs.

    dobbykat 02/22/2018  12:47pm

    Do you know what number they called to for nonunion in the end?

    Kingofanything 02/22/2018  12:55pm

    They called all non-union ladies, but many weren't there.

    dots 02/22/2018  2:14pm

    Has this call been closed? Or is there any info when the call will close/end?

    just-wondering 02/22/2018  4:11pm