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  • The King and I 2nd Nat’l tour 02/22/2018  9:24am

    I know this one is by appointment but does anyone know how quick these go? Should we still go there early for our appointment? Thank you!


    I mean, considering it’s not full (I didn’t see a single full hour slot) because this call was for strictly the Siamese characters and Orton/Ramsey, I suspect this will be pretty chill.

    Showbizdreamer 02/22/2018  9:27am

    Has anyone seen anything about a dancer call for this tour? I just saw the singing call.

    Mananayaw 02/22/2018  10:36am

    ^Not as of yet, which is mildly surprising, but it's also not what one could call a super heavy dance show, the heaviest it gets is the "Small House" ballet, so I suppose it's possible they'll be doing dance/movement callbacks from this since it's non union now, but I'm just thinking out loud about possibilities. My white soprano self is just sitting waiting for the Anna call info ;P

    Showbizdreamer 02/22/2018  11:08am

    Didnt they have a king and i tour audition earlier in december? Was wondering if this is for the same thing..?

    plum 02/22/2018  12:11pm

    Yes but those were Union calls. The tour is turning non union when the current Union tour ends later this year.

    Showbizdreamer 02/22/2018  1:39pm

    Did anyone get callbacks in the room?

    ycreampuff 02/22/2018  4:01pm

    Does anyone know if they are strictly only looking for actors of Asian/Siamese decent? Asking for a non-Asian, but very ethnically ambiguous friend.

    ohia89 02/22/2018  4:22pm

    If your audition time is 2:00-3:00 do you have to be there at 2:00? or is it okay to show up like 2:30? Does anybody know?

    applepie 02/23/2018  10:10am

    It’s really not rigid, and it’s incredible empty. The monitor will take your headshot and resume when you choose

    Broadway808 02/23/2018  11:45am

    Bump for if callbacks were ITR or if they will come later?

    michy 02/23/2018  11:20pm

    I don’t believe callbacks were ITR; they’re still doing appts via AA in coming weeks, and there it said something about final callbacks: April 9th I think. Not sure if they’ll call anyone who went to Open Call on before then or not. If anyone else knows anything, go for it

    JimmyD 02/24/2018  5:37pm

    Callback received next week

    cocochanelbag 02/26/2018  10:39am